DCON 2021 Stoles and Souvenirs

District Convention Presents you the senior stoles! Senior stoles are priced at $10.60 , which includes the Paypal service fee and shipping fee. Stoles will be directly mailed to your address! Remember you can only purchase the senior stoles only if you have registered as a senior / transfer for District Convention. Each senior/transfer who have been registered should have received an email from Jonash Poyaoan. If you have any questions please contact Kyle San Jose (District Convention Chair) at

District Convention also presents to you Souvenir Packages! Each package is priced at $10.60 via PayPal (or $10 for check) and will include a T-Shirt, Sticker Sheet, and Lei. In order to purchase, you must fill out the Google Form below. For group purchases (10+ orders), you must fill out BOTH the Google Form and the Excel Sheet. If there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Decorations and Souvenirs Chairs ( or DCON Chair, Kyle San Jose (

Circle K DCON 2021
Please provide school name

DCON 2020 T-Shirts

Let's do a little throwback with some District Convention 2020 : Sweet Dreams CNH T-shirts. Yes you heard me, we are selling District Convention 2020 T-shirts for only 5 DOLLARS. If you wanted a little piece of what could have been pre-quarantine, definitely check out the t-shirt! In order to purchase this, make sure to fill out this google form (Separate from the DCON 2021 Souvenir packages) and pay via paypal. There will be a paypal service fee! So, make sure to act now before they all disappear!

PTP Competition

Compete with other divisions while raising money for PTP! All you need to do to help your division win is make a donation through the GoFundMe site and note in the team section which division you’re apart of. The competition will end when DCON concludes on March 21st so make sure to get your donation in before then!