Youtube Link:

Welcome to the first general session of District Convention weekend! Join us as we welcome the District Board and District Convention 2021 Committee via Youtube Live. Don’t forget we’ll be kicking off Friday with a day of workshops, online service and elected officer caucusing.

Life After CKI Panel | Zoom Link:

Wondering what you’ll be doing after you finish your time after CKI. Look no further, come join us at our Life After CKI Panel feature some Circle K Alumni! Come see what they have been up to and listen to some meaningful advice that might just help you if you're graduating soon!

Member Recruitment | Zoom Link:

Do you want to find a new best friend and can’t adopt a cat? You can reach out to potential new members and reel them into your club! Recruitment is a great way to make new friends without having to clean any litter boxes! We’ll also talk about keeping your new friend happy! Retention is your cheat book to a successful friendship!

Comedy | Zoom Link:

Tune in to CNH News in Channel 9 for the weather report! Sunny day in Paradise? Prepared for (literal) raining Cats and Dogs on Desert Oasis? What about the chance of a BrainStorm in Sunset? Our weather broadcaster has you covered! And best of all? You, too, can be a part of what happens in this hilarious weather report!

Youtube Link:

Take a little breather and sit back and enjoy a little throwback video to when we had our first virtual president retreat. The amazing president retreat committee created a little lip dub featuring all of CNH club presidents and CNH district board!

Networking 101 | Zoom Link:

The difference between success and failure can come down to who you know. Networking is literally the most undervalued skill and should be taught as a class in any college. Join me and learn how I started the very first professional Expo at DCON 2016, how I scored a dinner with the former CEO of Burger King, and how I sold approximately $3.5MM of Real Estate within the first 5 months of my Real Estate career.

Member Retention | Zoom Link:

Do you want to find a new best friend and can’t adopt a cat? You can reach out to potential new members and reel them into your club! Recruitment is a great way to make new friends without having to clean any litter boxes! We’ll also talk about keeping your new friend happy! Retention is your cheat book to a successful friendship!

Lessons Learned from a Pandemic | Zoom Link:

Quarantine blues got you down? Come reflect on the past term and share what you learned over the past year. Being in quarantine doesn’t have to be lonely. After reflecting on the past year, you’ll see how you’ve grown and realized how others have shared the same struggles. Through all the challenges, the pandemic has taught all of us many valuable lessons about ourselves and each other.

Youtube Link:

Take a quick RAIN check before going to the next event by watching some appreciation videos made by some CNH club presidents! The appreciation videos will be played right at the beginning of intermission!

2021-2022 DSI/Meaningul Service | Zoom Link:

One of the three tenets that CNH Circle K International focuses on is service. Each year DSI: District Service Initiative alternates each year for the CNH district to primarily gear their service projects towards. For this term, the DSI: District Service Initiative was environment. Come join the service committee as they teach you the knowledge of what a District Service Initiative is.

Campfire/Deep Talk/Self-Reflection | Zoom Link:

Do you ever feel like your life is gloomy and you want a ray of sunshine in your life? In our workshop, we will be emphasizing the motto, “Living in The Moment.” Even though the motto itself may seem obvious, people sometimes forget about it easily. That is why we wanted to go into our deep talk about the importance of this phrase. As international students, one thing we learned from our journey is the importance of acknowledging what you already have in life and how you cherish them. Believing that your problems will be solved in the future by romanticizing a place or a thing will not help you enjoy life. Therefore, we want to explain in further detail how our lives changed from this motto we learned as we go through our journey!

Chairing a Meeting | Zoom Link:

YES you read the title correctly! This is in fact a meeting about hosting meetings, very meta. Whether you are interested in chairing general, board, or committee meetings, or need a convenient 101 to get started, you can guarantee a motion to explain terms, discuss the structure, the importance of time management, and of course, member engagement! I understand meetings can be ...well you know, meetings... BUT THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE. So join us as we attempt to define what makes a good meeting a great one, and what you can do to ensure success as a chair.

Financial Literacy | Zoom Link:

What's in your wallet? :o I'm sure we are all good at spending our cash on boba on a gloomy day, but what about saving, investing, borrowing, and protecting money? Financial Literacy is essential for all members and I hope that you will join us in learning how to make the most of your dollar and make your back account say, "cha-ching!"

Online Service | Zoom Link:

No Links!

Zoom Link:

Open to everyone to attend the zoom, but Executive Caucus #2 will be available tomorrow only via Youtube Live.

Capital Zoom Link: Click Here!

Central Coast Zoom Link: Click Here!

Citrus Zoom Link: Click Here!

Desert Oasis Zoom Link: Click Here!

Foothill Zoom Link: Click Here!

Golden Gate Zoom Link: Click Here!

Metro Zoom Link: Click Here!

Paradise Zoom Link: Click Here!

Sunset Zoom Link: Click Here!

Zoom Link: Click Here!

Honor’s Reception will be on Sunday from 5pm to 6pm through Zoom. Honor’s Reception is an event at DCON that recognizes the graduating seniors on their accomplishments throughout their CKI journey.

Youtube Link:

It’s that time of the term where we celebrate the hail of a lot of awards that our cnh clubs and officers deserve. The awards night will be hosted via youtube live on the CNH Circle K Youtube channel. Make sure to grab your tissue boxes for the storm of tears that will be running down your fellow offices faces. The member recognition committee have worked hard to make this possible. I hope to see you sunnys at our awards night!

Youtube Link:

We finally close off this crazy weekend of adventuring across the seasons of CNH with the closing session. The closing session will include a wide array of special treats for you. We’ll get to hear the District Convention Committee’s last goodbyes. To our 2020-2021 District Governor delivers her heartfelt message before she passes the torch to the newly elected 2021-2022 District Governor. Come join us for our last few minutes as the 2020-2021 term!

Youtube Link:

Join us for Saturday Morning General Session as we prepare for a jam packed day of workshops, professional expositions, house of delegates, talent act performance and ending the night with some Saturday Night Activities.

Professional Exposition | Zoom Link:

The Professional Exposition will be an online event done through Zoom on Saturday, March 20, 2021 from 1:45 pm to 3:45 pm. Professionals from different career fields will be put into breakout rooms with interested students to present information on their respective careers and answer questions that students may have. The goal of the Professional Exposition is to allow members to explore different careers, seek mentorship, and expand their network with the help of professionals.

IceMakers: Saving the Polar Bears | Brandon Ramirez & Dennis Lim| Zoom Link:

Are you tired of being under the weather with icebreakers? Do you want to learn how to host exciting, entertaining, and engaging socials? Well look no further because we have a shocking workshop for you. You don't want to mist the opportunity to make some new friends at your next club event! And without a drought, you will learn the true meaning behind Ice Makers.

Kiwanis Family | Miyu Nakajima & Bill Troung| Zoom Link:

Make sure to bring your 🌤sunshine gal🌤 to protect yourself from all this information KFam Committee is gonna 💨rain down💨 at DCON. We’ll be hosting a workshop on various Kiwanis Family Event examples & projects in the virtual world, ERF tips, and possibly a special performance by the KFF committee??!!👀

Graduate School | Joe Lee| Zoom Link:

Planning or interested in attending graduate school after college? Come learn more about how to navigate the road to these programs! From understanding the timeline, basic requirements, and more, you'll leave with more knowledge on how to pursue your professional aspirations.

Chairing a Committee | Matthew Kim & Renz Lane| Zoom Link:

What's that? The term's forecast says there's a strong chance that storms will come during the term. However, it's not all doom and gloom; there's also a chance you could chair your own committee to help you through the rain and thunder. Come learn about what committees are and how to specifically chair your own!

Service Tenet (VPS & Service Chairs) | Julian Perez| Zoom Link:

To give encouragement, promote development, and provide your home club with service events via a more intelligent and serviceable Vice President of Service.

Fundraising (Treasurer & Fundraising 101) | Joyce Wu| Zoom Link:

Get ready to ✨make it rain 💸 whether you're a Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, or anyone who loves money!

Public Relations (Historians, Media/Marketing, Technology Chairs) | Joey Duong, Joshua Ranario, Ricky Sparrow, Brennan Cain, & Aaron Pina| Zoom Link:

Interested in the field of public relations, but don’t know what exactly it is or where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as this workshop will give you all you need to know about the field. Come on down, and learn about all the tips and tricks you need in order to know about public relations!

Public Speaking | Michael Fermin| Zoom Link:

Public speaking is one of the top three fears in the nation. It remains one of the top ten in the world. However, it is also one of the most desired skills by employers. Come learn the secrets on how to handle stage fright and how to communicate effectively.

Resume Building & Interview | Irene Tran|Zoom Link:

Brag like you mean it. There is no room for modesty when your application for graduate school or employment is reviewed. It's you versus everyone else. How to make your resume more impactful and your interview sparkle. Come, learn, edit, edit, edit and it’ll be blue skies from there.

Youtube Link:

We won’t say that all the videos prepared for District Convention were taken on the first shot. Have a quick laugh as we do a quick behind the scenes of all the hard work it took to create these general session videos!

Club Operations (Presidents 101) | Brandon Kincaid & Heyley Pavon| Zoom Link:

It's getting hot in here! Want to bring that spark to your presidency? Come learn about being President both from a large club and small club perspective. While presidency can be difficult, there are plenty of ways to make sure you have a successful term so come learn from past presidents directly!

Team Management (VPA) | Adolfo Alan Garduno & Jonathan Ngo| Zoom Link:

Would you look at the time?! Quick, hop on and connect with your fellow VPA's as we attempt to consolidate everything that happened this past year into an understandable virtual lesson. Learn to go above and beyond what is written in your bylaws and find useful social skills to better connect with your fellow club officers. Hopefully find an approach that best suits you and your clubs' needs, and most importantly, LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES.

Bookkeeping & Data (Secretary 101) | Ryan Tan & Angelina Trinh| Zoom Link:

🚨BREAKING NEWS: We predict a chance of stormy weather in the beginning of your term, so be sure to navigate cautiously! But WAIT, as your term progresses, we expect to see sunny weather and clear skies with a high chance of success! Got your head in the clouds and don’t know how to proceed? We got your back !! WOWIE! Be sure to pack your laptop, some snacks, and your Club Event Report Forms for your Monthly Report Form and be prepared for a sunny term ahead!🚨

2021-2022 DFIs | Brandon Dimapasoc & Victoria Chau| Zoom Link:

Every year, CNH Circle K dedicates time and effort to support organizations through the spread of awareness as well as raising funds. These organizations that we support are our DFIs: District Fundraising Initiatives! Want to learn more about our pre-existing DFIs? Want to be in the know about the brand new DFI being supported by us for this upcoming term? Stop by and come on in as we give you the scoop about these amazing organizations our CNH Circle K will be lending a hand to!

Mental Health & Life Prioritization | Hebron Viray | Zoom Link:

How are you doing? Let's talk about it. Be kind.

ROBLOX | Zoom Link:

Movie Night | Zoom Link:

Puzzles | Zoom Link:

Jackbox TV | Zoom Link:

Social Room | Zoom Link:

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