Frequently Asked Questions

To register for District Convention 2021, a respective club officer is responsible for registering for DCON as a club. Your respective club officer is responsible for collecting your information and payment that will be uploaded on the DCON Registration Google Form and Excel. Attendees are also responsible for signing both the attendee agreement waiver and liability form. These forms MUST be handwritten and legible. These forms will be compiled by your club officers and will be uploaded to the registration Google Form.

The price for registration is $9 dollars per attendee if your club officer chooses to mail in the registration payment to the kiwanis district office. However, if your club chooses to register your club via Paypal, each attendee will need to pay $9.60 for registration.

A club may exchange members, but they must be of the same gender. The club must also inform Timothy Cunning, the Director of Service Leadership Program, via email at When emailing, please remember to include and specify the names of both the member dropping out and the member that will be replacing him/her.

Name exchanges must be submitted before FEBRUARY 26, 2021. Last-minute exchanges thereafter may only be made due to emergencies and to the discretion of Bruce.

If your club's registration has been submitted and additional members would like to attend, please DO NOT add to the original list. Instead, complete a second list with only the names of the additional student(s) and submit a second Formstack.

DCON registration is February 26, 2021 (02/26/21) Payments must be received by the District Office on said deadline. If mailing by mail, it's highly encouraged to send your checks in a couple days in advance.

Registration for District Convention 2021 Online is non-refundable!

If you are registering your Kiwanian/Advisor you may register them in the same spreadsheet as your members, but rather than selecting “Circle K/Club Member” in the drop-down menu, you’d select “Advisor” or “Kiwanian”. Make sure you ask if they would like to attend the entire event or just a certain day. If they would rather register themselves, direct them to the registration link and offer assistance if needed.

For individuals who are not Kiwanians or Advisors, they must first obtain approval from District Administrator, Armando Velazquez, before beginning the registration process. They or their Circle K member affiliate must send an email to Armondo ( containing the following information:

  • Name of alumnus or guest

  • Their phone number

  • Why they would like to attend DCON

From there, if and when approved, the sender will be notified. Then, an approved alumnus or guest may begin the registration process for the One Day Pass. Please note: Approval for attendance must be done before February 20,2021 (2/20/2021). The earlier the email is sent and the alumnus or guest is approved, the better. Attendees aside from Circle K members are not required to stay at the hotel.

Awards are due Sunday, March 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Club presidents will receive an e-mail two weeks before with a link to the Online Awards Submission Form.

A judging committee comprised of alumni and Kiwanians judge the awards.

As soon as they are released to minimize error and provide you time for revisions.

The Endorsement Sheet. If awards are submitted without it, then your awards cannot be judged.

It would be best to write in the third person.

Only the Outstanding Traditional Scrapbook Award and the Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook Award. The application, as well as the scrapbooks, are due on-site the Friday of District Convention at 6:00 p.m.

It would be best to decide on a nominee as soon as possible so you can reach out to past officers to get a copy of their MRP. If you are still unable to retrieve it, you may submit the award without it, but it may impact their chances.

Yes, they can.

Awards will not be accepted if received after 11:59 PM; however, please contact the District Member Recognition Chair, David Su, ( ASAP.

You can perform with your division or with anyone in CNH as long as they are an attendee.

Yes, rehearsals are right after Saturday Awards Night and dinner. The Riverside Hotel and Convention Center will not allow rehearsals in the hotel or outside the convention center due to the chance to disturb the guests.

It is highly encouraged to incorporate the DCON theme: Weather!

If you are applying under the category of “exhibition” it is up to you if you want to incorporate the theme.

The Fan Favorites voting table will be on the upper concourse next to the souvenirs table. Bring your friends along to vote!

*Voting only applies to acts that applied under the category of “exhibition.”

SAA stands for Sergeant-At-Arms. To make sure that this year’s District Convention is a safe environment, SAA volunteers are responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct and Dress Code of the event. SAA volunteers will make sure all attendees will abide by the rules of the Riverside Convention Center and Hotel at all times throughout the duration of the event. This year, because DCON will be online, it will be a little different and who you would have had as a volunteer partner as an SAA volunteer will now be someone you will be doing some fun challenges with!

The only requirement needed to volunteer as an SAA is being a paid general member of your respected club. Individuals must have paid and registered completely to attend District Convention 2021. Lastly, individuals must fill out the SAA volunteer form to register as a volunteer.

You can sign up to be an SAA volunteer by completing the SAA volunteer form on the "Get Involved" tab!

At District Convention, many attendees are able to get involved through either being a workshop host, part of a talent act, or SAA Pen Pal! All of the forms necessary to apply can be found on the District Convention website under the “Get Involved” page.

Yes, DCON will be hosted online this year via Zoom and Youtube Live. The full schedule can be found under the “Schedule” tab on the website.

Stoles will only be available for purchase for seniors that are dues-paid Circle K members that are attending DCON 2021.

No, we encourage all members to apply if they are interested in sharing their experiences, knowledge, and skills. If you have not created, led, or hosted a workshop before, we will do our best to support every host to craft the workshops that suit their style and the members’ needs.

Applications for hosts will be released November 15th, and there will be TWO APPLICATION PHASES to provide multiple options for quarter or semester school students. For one week, you can submit an application to be a host.
After interviews and appointments for the first phase, the second phase application will be released December 13th for the workshops that have not been filled yet.

If you wish, you may request on the application to be paired with one (1) co-host, and may or may not receive one depending on other applicants.
If you have a co-host already, you must both submit individual applications (shared answers for e.g. workshop overview is fine) and specify each other’s name.