Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

If you are interested in attending District Convention, please contact your club president. Early registration is $160 per person and and regular registration costs $200. All clubs are required to register and stay at the desintated hotel. All documents needed for club registration can be found in the Documents section. All attendees are required to fill out a Code of Conduct and Wavier as well.

FAQ Table of Contents


A: A club may exchange members, but they must be of the same gender. The club must also inform Bruce Hennings, the Director of Service Leadership Program, via email at When emailing, please remember to include and specify the names of both the member dropping out and the member that will be replacing him/her.

Name exchanges must be submitted before FEBRUARY 26, 2020. Last-minute exchanges thereafter may only be made due to emergencies and to the discretion of Bruce.

As for hotel swaps, the hotel WILL NOT allow any changes on-site, so please make sure to contact the Riverside Marriott for any changes or swaps by Wednesday, March 24, 2020.

If there are any inconsistencies when matching members to their room, or have proof of hotel registration, the members will not be able to pick up their Convention Registration packet. Be sure all your members are properly registered and accounted for in Convention AND Hotel Registration!

A: If your club's registration has been submitted and additional members would like to attend, please DO NOT add to the original list. Instead, complete a second list with only the names of the additional student(s) and submit a second Formstack.

A: DCON early registration is February 21, 2020 (02/21/20). Late Registration is February 28, 2020 (02/28/20) Payments must be received by the District Office on said deadline. Hotel registration is due to the hotel on February 27, 2020 (02/27/20).

A: Yes and no. Convention registration is sent to the District Office whereas Hotel Registration is sent to the hotel. Deadlines listed above. Although payments are sent to two different places, members must be registered for the hotel AND convention centerto attend DCON

A: Cancellation must be submitted in writing by emailing Bruce Hennings at by February 26,2020 (2/26/20).There will be a $10 processing fee per cancelled registration. After February 26, 2020, there are no refunds.

A: If you are registering your Kiwanian/Advisor you may register them in the same spreadsheet as your members, but rather than selecting “Circle K/Club Member” in the drop-down menu, you’d select “Advisor” or “Kiwanian”. Make sure you ask if they would like to attend the entire event or just a certain day. If they would rather register themselves, direct them to the registration link and offer assistance if needed.

A: For individuals who are not Kiwanians or Advisors, they must first obtain approval from District Administrator, Armando Velazquez, before beginning the registration process. They or their Circle K member affiliate must send an email to Armondo ( containing the following information:

  • Name of alumnus or guest
  • Their phone number
  • Why they would like to attend DCON

From there, if and when approved, the sender will be notified. Then, an approved alumnus or guest may begin the registration process for the One Day Pass. Please note: Approval for attendance must be done before February 26,2020 (2/26/2020). The earlier the email is sent and the alumnus or guest is approved, the better. Attendees aside from Circle K members are not required to stay at the hotel.

Event Information

A: Hotel parking is $12 per 24 hours contrary to the hotel website. When paying for parking at District Convention, make sure to note that you are with the Kiwanis event, so the discount for parking will reflect accordingly. Convention parking is $8, however, the convention center is not liable for any cars parked there. Hotel parking is recommended.


A: Awards are due Sunday, March 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Club presidents will receive an e-mail two weeks before with a link to the Online Awards Submission Form.

A: A judging committee comprised of alumni and Kiwanians judge the awards.

A: As soon as they are released to minimize error and provide you time for revisions.

A: The Endorsement Sheet. If awards are submitted without it, then your awards cannot be judged.

A: It would be best to write in the third person.

A: Only the Outstanding Traditional Scrapbook Award and the Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook Award. The application, as well as the scrapbooks, are due on-site the Friday of District Convention at 6:00 p.m.

A: It would be best to decide on a nominee as soon as possible so you can reach out to past officers to get a copy of their MRP. If you are still unable to retrieve it, you may submit the award without it, but it may impact their chances.

A: Yes, they can.

A: Awards will not be accepted if received after 11:59 PM; however, please contact the District Member Recognition Chair, Bruce Casenaz, ( ASAP.

Talent Show

A: You can perform with your division or with anyone in CNH as long as they are an attendee.

A: Yes, rehearsals are only right after Saturday Awards Night and dinner. The Riverside Hotel and Convention Center will not allow rehearsals in the hotel or outside the convention center due to the chance to disturb the guests.

A: It is highly encouraged to incorporate the DCON theme: Dream!
For acts applying under the category of “competition.”

If you are applying under the category of “exhibition” it is up to you if you want to incorporate the theme.

A: The Fan Favorites voting table will be on the upper concourse next to the souvenirs table. Bring your friends along to vote!

*Voting only applies to acts that applied under the category of “exhibition.”


A: SAA stands for Sergeant-At-Arms. To make sure that this year’s District Convention is a safe environment, SAA volunteers are responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct and Dress Code of the event. SAA volunteers will make sure all attendees will abide by the rules of the Riverside Convention Center and Hotel at all times throughout the duration of the event.

A: You serving as an SAA volunteer for District Convention 2020 will make sure attendees are safe, aware, and reminded of the Code of Conduct and Dress Code and the Hotel and Convention Rules and that they are enjoying this event. SAAs will be assigned to a shift that they must carry out during the event. Upon completion of a shift, they will receive a token of appreciation from the SAA Chair, Kyle.
Check out the SAA Guidelines (click here) for more information on being an SAA volunteer.
Thank you in advance for all your help! Feel free to contact the SAA Chair, Kyle San Jose, at for any questions or concerns prior to signing up to be a volunteer!

A: The only requirement needed to volunteer as an SAA is being a paid general member of your respected club. Individuals must have paid and registered completely to attend District Convention 2020. Lastly, individuals must fill out the SAA volunteer form to register as a volunteer.

A: You can sign up to be an SAA volunteer by completing the SAA volunteer form on the apply tab or click here to be redirected to the form.