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Application for Talent Show

Chair: Brandon Capulong

"Rain or shine, anyone can be a star! Come be a part of our daily forecast and apply to be in the Talent Show!

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Application for Talent Show

Application for SAA Pen Pals

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Apply for SAA Pen Pals

Chair: Jessica Olivas

“Can’t wait to see all of you SAA volunteers making sure to keep the days bright and clear!”

Application for Workshops

Chairs: Chris Lam and Kevin Ru

"Don't shy away from the spotlight and forecast those sunny skies of knowledge by applying to be a workshop host!"

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Program Ads

The District Convention Committee presents you with the DCON Program Ads Form. This year our programs will be entirely virtual due to the purpose of saving resources and reducing waste. Individuals will be able to submit a graphic showing appreciation to either your home club, board, committee, and DLT. The application is due on January 31st 10PM PST (8PM HST).

Program Ads Form


Registration for DCON 2021 is officially open! Please read the Registration Guide in its entirety before starting the registration process. Reminder that only 1 representative should be filling out and submitting registration for each club. The Excel sheet and necessary forms and documents can be found in the Forms section. Remember that each club member must HANDSIGN the Attendee Agreement and Liability form. Paying by PayPal has a $0.60 fee per member, so if your club has decided to pay via PayPal please collect $9.60 per person for registration instead of $9. Registration is due on February 26th 11:59 PM PST (9:59PM HST).