CNH Circle K Presents

District Convention 2018

March 23rd-25th, 2018 • LAX Marriott

Welcome to District Convention!

Are you ready to take a trip of a lifetime? Get ready and jump in a car with some awesome friends so we can all take a ROADTRIP to District Convention 2018 at the LAX Marriott! The journey sure doesn’t end once you get to Los Angeles though! From March 23rd-25th, Circle K’ers from all over the California-Nevada-Hawaii District have the opportunity to caravan together and celebrate a year’s worth of accomplishments. When you get there, slow down and embrace each new place you’ll visit during your travels at DCON. The District Convention Committee has worked extremely hard to make sure each and every turn opens your eyes to a beautiful place where you can share your love for Circle K’s three tenets: Service, Leadership, and Fellowship. The map for District Convention includes pit stops to:
  • Elect new leadership to guide us through the upcoming year
  • Attend workshops that will keep our minds well-oiled
  • Participate in an on-site service project for a productive break
  • Honor our graduating members, sending them off to their next adventure
  • Speed through different careers and experiences at the Professional Exposition
  • Bond with members across CNH, singing roadtrip tunes
Fill up a full tank of gas because this is going to be a trip that will take you along the sea, over hills, and around mountains. This weekend is going to be an epic journey—one definitely for the books. We can’t wait to take this ROADTRIP with you!


March 26th, 2018

On behalf of the District Convention Committee, we would like to thank you all for attending the 64th Annual CNH Circle K District Convention: En Route to Service. There are plenty of journeys ahead whether this is your first or your last convention, and we are so grateful you joined us this March! Check out some of the links below for media and other resources. Stay Sunny, CNH!

See you next year at District Convention 2019 at the Riverside Convention Center.

February 15th, 2018

Your DCON workshop chairs would like to congratulate the following workshop hosts for District Convention 2018! We can't wait for y'all to attend the amazing workshops they've been preparing. Don't miss out on all the insight and wisdom these individuals have to offer. Keep an eye on the DCON Facebook Page because we'll be introducing each of them in the coming weeks as DCON approaches.

February 14th, 2018

Love is in the air! And today we want to show our love for each and every one of you by inviting you all to another DCON Promotional Contest. Simply tag someone you’d LOVE to see at District Convention 2018 in the comments of this post. Contest ends 12:00PM PST February 15th, 2018.

January 26th, 2018

Graduating Seniors! It is almost time for your graduation as well, which also means you do NOT want to miss out on a very SPECIAL event for those of you graduating, The Honors Reception! Here at this exclusive event, you can get your very own CKI Stole, to represent and show off all your achievements in CKI and in your College! So come by and celebrate with your fellow graduating seniors in an event designed for you!

January 20th, 2018

Registration for the trip of a lifetime has been released! If you think you need more convincing as to why YOU should attend District Convention 2018, check out the video below—a second round of interviews straight from the District Convention Committee!

January 13th, 2018

With DCON 2018 on the horizon, let's hear what some of the committee members have to say about District Convention! Words from the individuals who help make District Convention happen! Check back on January 20th for another set of interviews from the DCON Committee!

January 6th, 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! Did you know that the CNH Kiwanis Foundation has annual scholarships to recognize outstanding leaders like yourselves? The scholarships range from $750 to $2500 and are awarded at District Convention. Interested applicants may get more information at this link. Applications are due February 20th, 2018. Good luck!

December 25th, 2017

Happy Holidays, CNH! Looking to take your leadership skills to new heights? If you're interested in serving on the 2018-2019 CNH Circle K District Board, you're in luck. Check out the candidates section under Documents to learn more.

December 9th, 2017

Magic Tricks! Dances! Singing! Skits and more! The CNH District is filled with talented individuals, and District Convention 2018 is the perfect opportunity to share it with members across our district! Check out the video below for more information.

November 26th, 2017

Over the past few months, members across CNH have been working tirelessly to provide you and your club with information and details to prepare you for District Convention 2018. Now, here's your chance to meet the committee behind it all!

November 17th, 2017

Miss the theme reveal at Fall Training Conference? Check out the video below! Get ready to take the Roadtrip of a lifetime with CNH Circle K at District Convention 2018. More updates and videos to follow!

November 6th, 2017

Welcome to the launch of the District Convention 2018 website! The DCON committee has put in a lot of work to make our resources, promotions, applications and more to be available to you right after Fall Training Conference. Stay tuned for more updates as the term progresses, including links for registration, candidate materials, and other useful guides and downloads. Keep it sunny!


Registration • Applications • Candidates • Resources


Registration has been released! Check out the registration guide if you need help registering. Be sure to note the deadlines posted below.

Deadline Reminders

  • Early Registration must be received by the Kiwanis District Office by Friday, February 9th
  • Late Registration must be received by the Kiwanis District Office by Friday, February 23rd
  • Hotel Registration is due to the LAX Marriott by Friday, March 2nd

Hotel Reminders

  • Roommate swaps or changes must be completed on or prior to Thursday, March 22nd
  • Parking rates have been nogotiated with the hotel at $18.00 per day

DCON Registration
Registration Guide
Hotel Registration


Waiver & Attendee Agreement


All attendees must sign this document to waive liability from Circle K International and other Kiwanis-Family organizations. The attendee agreement must also be signed by all attendees to acknowlege and agree to the terms, conditions, and expectations of all District Convention-goers.


Code of Conduct


This year's Code of Conduct will be an acknowledgement of the DCON Dress Code and similar policies.




Workshops are a wonderful way for you to share your knowledge and experience with members from all over the district, as well as provide you with a chance to showcase your leadership skills. There are three opportunities to be involved in workshops for DCON this year: traditional workshop host, panel host, or panel guest. If you are interested in becoming a workshop host, please download the following application in its entirety and complete it to the best of your ability.

Application Timeline

  • Applications must be submitted by Saturday, December 9th @ 10:00PM PST.
  • Interview notifications will be sent out by Sunday, December 10th.
  • Applicant interviews will take place December 11th-17th.
  • Workshop hosts will be announced by Wednesday, December 27th.

Talent Show


Hello everyone! Here you will find the District Convention 2018 Talent Show Application. Details on the theme, scoring rubric, deadlines, and audition videos will be found within the application. The acts will be judged by a panel of judges, and the winners will be announced at the end of District Convention. Please note that this is a friendly competition and that we should all be respectful and support each other. Show the Cal-Nev-Ha District your talents and apply today!

Application Timeline

  • Applications must be submitted by Friday, January 19th @ 10:00PM PST.
  • Talent show performers will be contacted between February 5th and February 9th.

Program Ads


Hello! All things about the program ad will be in this document. Please read everything carefully and follow the instructions in order to successfully include your program ad into the District Convention 2018 program. Have any questions, comments or concerns? Contact the DCON Committee at [email protected]

Application Timeline

  • Program Ad Approvals: Must be received by Tuesday, January 2nd.
  • Program Payments: Payments and hard copies must be received by Tuesday, January 16th.


Go To Form

What's up CNH! To make sure that District Convention is super awesome this year, we’ll need SAAs to make sure everything and everyone acts according to plan! Clubs are required to provide SAA volunteers if they bring 4 or more members to District Convention. If a club brings 4 members or fewer, then that club is required to provide 1 SAA volunteer. For any club that brings an additional 4 members to District Convention, then that club must provide 1 additional SAA.
Example: 20 members = 5 SAA volunteers.

Why should you be a SAA?
SAA stands for Sergeant-At-Arms. An SAA is a volunteer during District Convention that makes sure that attendees are safe, aware, and reminded of Convention Rules, Code of Conduct and Dress Codes, and are enjoying District Convention. SAAs will be assign a shift that they must carry out. After their shift is completed, they will receive a gift from the SAA Chair as a thank you!

Check out the SAA Guidelines for more information.

SAA Timeline

  • SAA Registration must be submitted by Thursday, March 1st @ 10:00PM PST.
  • SAAs will be contacted Thursday, March 8th via email.
  • SAAs will have a mandatory online training on Sunday, March 11th @ 9:00PM PST.
  • On-Site training will occur each day of District Covention, March 23rd-25th, times tba.

Thank you again for help! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact SAA Chair, Clifford Kaunang, at [email protected].


Candidacy Interest & Guidance Form

Go to Form

Want to receive the latest updates during the Candidacy Process? Complete this form to opt-in to emails from Governor Lawrence. Completion of this form is not required for candidacy eligibility.


Candidacy Application


All interested candidates for the 64th Annual CNH Circle K District Convention must complete a Candidacy Application and send to District Administrator Camille Goulet.


Candidate Instructions


If you are a candidate seeking office for the 2018-2019 term and need assistance, please read these instructions.


Caucus Rules 2018


Check out the rules regarding caucusing before and during District Convention. All candidates are responsible for knowing this information.


Code of Ethics 2018


Campaigning is a tough process, and to help guide a safe and appropriate election, all candidates must comply with the Code of Ethics.


Governor Agreement


Candidates seeking office of the 2018-2019 CNH Circle K District Governor need to complete this service agreement.


Secretary Agreement


Candidates seeking office of the 2018-2019 CNH Circle K District Secretary need to complete this service agreement.


Treasurer Agreement


Candidates seeking office of the 2018-2019 CNH Circle K District Treasurer need to complete this service agreement.


Lieutenant Governor Agreement


Candidates seeking office of a 2018-2019 CNH Circle K Lieutenant Governor need to complete this service agreement.


House of Delegates Standing Rules

Coming soon

Check out the standing rules of the 64th Annual House of Delegates at District Convention.


Packing List

Click Here

DCON is a long weekend with various themed days. Be sure to read the packing list so you don't leave anything behind!


Driving Directions

Coming soon

Need help getting to the LAX Marriott? No worries! Check out these step-by-step directions from either Northern or Southern California.


Financing Guide

Coming soon

District Convention can be an expensive cost, but all worth it! Check out our financing guide to see how you can afford the largest event in Circle K International!

Timeline & Deadlines

Dec 9th

Workshop Applications Due

Today is the last day to submit your workshop applications! They are due at 10:00PM PST and there will be no extensions. Don't miss out on your opportunity to host a workshop at one of the biggest events in Circle K International.

Jan 2nd

Program Ad Review Deadline

Want your club to be featured in the program? Any shoutouts or appreciations you would like to give out to end the term with a bang? Submit an awesome-looking program ad to document the crazy road trip your club has taken! See form for more details on graphics and submission requirements.

Jan 16th

Program Ad Payment Deadline

Program ad been approved? If so, hurry and get your form completed and money to Bruce Hennings to finalize your spot in this year's program! One last drive and the program ad will reach its final destination! See form for more details on graphics and submission requirements.

Jan 19th EXTENDED!

Talent Show Applications Due

Are YOU ready to perform in front of CNH? Show us your skills and talent at the annual DCON Talent Show! Be sure to get your clips recorded and application ready—they're due at 10:00PM tonight. We look forward to seeing you perform!

Feb 9th

Early Registration Due ($150)

The time has come to collect Early Registration! Your club's information including waivers, online form, and money must be received by the Kiwanis District Office by this deadline. Registration costs go up after this date, so make sure you have everything necessary to register appropriately.

Feb 23rd

Late Registration Due ($200)

Got some last-minute members who want to attend? No worries! Today is the day when all registration materials must be received by the Kiwanis District Office. Registration materials received after this deadline will not be considered.

Mar 1st

SAA Registration Deadline

Just about ready for convention? Make sure to have your SAA forms filled out and turned in by this deadline! SAAs are necessary to ensure that attendees are safe and on track during DCON. Club officers will automatically be selected to serve as SAAs if forms are not submitted.

Mar 23rd

District Convention 2018

The time has come for District Convention! Be sure to schedule your transportation, as opening session begins promptly at 6:00PM. Candidates should arrive on time and be dressed in business professional attire. Round 1 of caucusing will begin shortly after opening session.

Office Hours

Do you have questions about registration? Maybe you need some advice for putting that awesome talent act together? Perhaps you'd like some feedback for your workshop idea? The District Convention Committee has weekly office hours to help answer your questions! Check out the calendar below to see when office hours are being held.

Office Hour Hangout Link:

Attendee Info + FAQs

Please contact your club president to attend DCON. Early registration, which costs $150 per member, is due on February 9th and regular registration, which costs $200 per member, is due on February 23rd. This year, each school will be allocated 30 attendee slots at DCON. The rest may be placed on a waitlist but don't let that discourage you as we will let members off the waitlist once all registration has been received! All attendees must fill out a Waiver and Attendee Agreement.

How much does DCON cost?

Early Registration, received on or before February 9th will cost $150 per member. After that date, the registration price will rise to $200 per member if submitted on or before February 23rd. Hotel pricing is $155.21 per room per night.

How many attendees can my club bring to DCON?

Each school will be allocated space for 30 attendees, not including members of the DCON committee, Circle K International representatives, District Board members, VIPs, and advisors. Further members wishing to attend will be placed on a waitlist.

How many SAAs does my club need?

Each club will be expected to register a minimum of 1 SAA, plus an additional SAA for every four members that attend.

What happens if I arrive late to DCON?

Convention registration and hotel check-in information will be announced at a later time.

Are meals included in the price?

Yes, attendees will be provided two meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.

Is there parking at the LAX Marriott?

Yes! However, the cost is $18.00 per each 24 hours your car is parked. Take this into consideration when arriving to and departing from convention.

Can I swap members within the same club?

A club may exchange members by emailing Bruce at [email protected]. Please list and specify the names of both the member dropping out and the member that will be taking their place. Name exchanges must be submitted before February 23rd, 2018. Last-minute exchanges thereafter may only be made due to emergencies.

Seeya in Los Angeles!

The DCON Committee looks forward to seeing you!

Kim Mai

Kim-Mai Hoang

DCON Chair
[email protected]
Shaira Santos

Andy Nguyen

Executive Assistant
Donald Franks

Donald Franks

Audio / Visual Tech
Winnie Lam

Winnie Lam

Annika Liu

Annika Liu

Shaira Santos

Nick Stringfellow

Sienna Nguyen

Sienna Nguyen

Honors Reception
Shaira Santos

Andy Kim

Jesus Martinez

Jesus Martinez

Clifford Kaunang

Clifford Kaunang

Jessica Ango

Jessica Ango

Talent Show
Christine Dinh

Christine Dinh

VIP Hostess
Shaira Santos

Shaira Santos

Tommy Thach

Tommy Thach

Don Hull

Don Hull