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Authored by Michael Zhou March 17, 2016

  • The address to the LAX Marriott is: 5855 W. Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90045
  • Parking is $12 per car, per night
  • This is how the process for getting your DISCOUNTED parking price goes:
  1. Once you turn into the LAX Marriott, follow the signs/person directing traffic towards SELF PARKING
  2. Push the blue button on the machine and take a ticket from the machine
  3. Park your car and unload all of your stuff
  4. Follow the DCON signs into the hotel
  6. Pick up your registration packets AND hotel key from the DCON registration table
  7. The driver will go to HOTEL CHECK-IN and ask to program the driver's room key for parking at the discounted rate
    • The driver/someone willing to pay for parking will need to charge the parking on their credit card at hotel check-in
    • You can then throw away the initial ticket that you got and then use the programmed room key to get in and out of the parking lot.
  • Here's a link to me explaining it in a very explicit way just in case the 7-step process isn't clear enough: CLICK HERE TO WATCH ME
  • Please drive safely, follow the traffic laws, and remember to keep your drivers awake
  • We were able to hook it up and will have your hotel keys at DCON registration so you won't have to wait at hotel registration and you'll get it when you check in your packet
  • Please tell everyone to bring their IDs so we know that we're giving your packet to the right you
  • Note: you won't be able to pick up your registration without having a hotel room.
  • There will be signs posted up all over convention with where you need to go for registration, where you'll be getting your registration packets, souvenirs, and wristbands!

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Resumes and Consulting at Convention

Authored by Michael Zhou January 26, 2016

As you know, RESUMES are critical when it comes down to job-hunting and being a professional. During the Exposition Fair at District Convention, I will have experts / alumni helping me with providing YOU advice and tips on how to write better resume and cover letter.

Our consultants will be:
Rich Thigpen, UCLA CKI Faculty Advisor
Leonna Luc, UCLA CKI Alumna, previous club President, and currently a Recruiter/Talent Acquisitions Associate
Diyar Aniwar, UCB CKI past Technology Chair and incoming Software Engineer at Yelp!

If you have a resume already and wonder how you can improve on it, you can either bring it to the Expo Fair OR SUBMIT IT ONLINE HERE, via this Dropbox link. After you submit it, we will have your resumes ready at the Expo Fair and we can discuss it on-site.
Let me know if you have any question. SUBMIT FAST BECAUSE I WILL CLOSE THE LINK BY MARCH 10TH! Thank you!

Chad Vo, Professional Exposition Chair

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Thank You To Workshop Applicants!

Authored by Michael Zhou January 13, 2016

Thank you to all the workshop applicants! Your experience and creativity are going to make DCON an awesome experience! A confirmation email was sent to you and there will be another email notifying you if you will have an interview. Good luck and thank you again!

Your Workshop Co-Chairs,
Maggie Chen & Michelle Don

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DCON Registration Info
UPDATED: March 14, 2016
About DCON
UPDATED: March 14, 2016
DCON Media Page
UPDATED: March 17, 2016
DCON Activities
UPDATED: March 14, 2016
DCON Opportunities
UPDATED: February 25, 2016


​You're cordially invited to the grand opening of our new bakery​, coming to the LAX Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles from Friday March 18th to Sunday March 20th! At this year's District Convention 2016: Service Baked Fresh, we promise you that you'll have the experience of a lifetime, an experienced filled with service, leadership, and fellowship. We've been baking up plenty of concoctions for you to taste for the weekend. With us, you'll be celebrating and recognizing a year's worth of accomplishments, engaging in plenty of educational opportunities and knowledge for you to share with your clubs, electing our new leaders for the following year, and building lifelong friendships with other members from across California, Nevada, and Hawaii. 
We've put all the ingredients together and created all of the mouthwatering delicacies - come and get them while they're hot, and get them while they last! We look forward to meeting you at the grand opening, bon appétit!



District Convention Chair: Philip Nguyen | dcon@cnhcirclek.org
Audio/Visual: Mike Zhou | dcon.avtech@gmail.com
Decorations/Souvenirs: Amber Huang | dcon.decsouv@gmail.com
Decorations/Souvenirs: Emily Wong | dcon.decsouv@gmail.com
Entertainment: Kim-Mai Hoang | dcon.entertainment@gmail.com
Professional Expo: Chad Vo | dcon.pep@gmail.com
Graphics: Katie Chanthakhoun | dcon.graphics@gmail.com
Honor's Reception: Melanie Leng | dcon.honorsreception@gmail.com
Program: Paula Le | dcon.programs@gmail.com
Promotion/Slideshow: Kevin Cruz | dcon.promotion@gmail.com
Promotion/Slideshow: Marcus Castile | dcon.promotion@gmail.com
Registration: Alvin Vo | 
Sergeant-at-Arms: Bella Nguyen | dcon.sergeantatarms@gmail.com

Talent Show: Sienna Serrano | dcon.talentshow@gmail.com
VIP Host: Ea
rl Grospe | dcon.viphost@gmail.com  
Workshops: Maggie Chen | dcon.workshops@gmail.com
Workshops: Michelle Don | dcon.workshops@gmail.com 
District Convention Advisor: Don Hull 


  • Philip Nguyen

    DCON Chair

    UC Berkeley - 4th Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: Bánh mì

    Why You Should Go To DCON:
    You should go to DCON because it'll change your life. For forever. In a good way. For sure.

  • Don Hull

    DCON Advisor

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    Watching and listening to everyone walk around, having the best time of their lives at the largest event in Circle K International

  • Mike Zhou

    Audio Visual

    UC Berkeley - 4th Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: Crème brûlée

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    I love District Convention because it is a time for the district to come together to recognize the achievements of individuals and clubs. This will be my fourth DCON and I'm excited to celebrate one last time with my home club and home district.

  • Amber Huang


    UC Santa Barbara - 4th Year
    Favorite Thing To Get At The Bakery: Fruit Tart

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    I love DCON because it's a time where everyone gets together to recognize and reward all the accomplishments we have done through the year!  

  • Emily Wong


    UC Irvine - 3rd Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: ALL THE CARBS that are not too sweet x)

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    The craziness that goes on at DCON that no matter how tired everyone is, everyone is still able to get together and show their spirit :)  The energy and excitement each person brings to DCON gives you a boost of energy like no other.

  • Kim-Mai Hoang


    UC Riverside - 2nd Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: If there's egg tarts, you bet that's what I'm going for!

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    I love DCON because it's a great opportunity to meet tons of people and attend super cool workshops! Also, the awards ceremony is exciting to see, since everyone is really supportive of each other!

  • Chad Vo

    Professional Expo

    UC Berkeley - 4th Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: Coffee (Specifically 7 Leaves Coffee)

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    Simple, it's the end of the year celebration with all my hard-working friends. :)

  • Katie Chanthakhoun


    SDSU - 2nd Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: I'll take one of everything.

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    It's one huge celebration of service with wonderful people! 

  • Melanie Leng

    Honor's Reception

    UC San Diego - 4th Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery:  A blueberry muffin or yummy cupcake

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    It unites CNH in celebration of our collective efforts and achievements, while reminding us that our Circle K experience is greater than any one of us. We are better together! 

  • Paula Le


    CSU Long Beach - 3rd Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: Soft bread with a blueberry cream cheese filling

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    I love DCON because it was the first event that pulled me into the Kiwanis Family and has continued to stay as my favorite district event. It's united me with friends and helped me become closer to new ones! Each DCON has so many significant memories that I use to stay inspired. 

  • Kevin Cruz


    UC Merced - 4th Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: Burritos

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    Everything about it.

  • Marcus Castile


    Cal Poly Pomona - 3rd Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: Scones to have with my tea

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    DCON provides an everlasting something wonderful by means of engagement and opportunity for the truest form of enjoyment.  Allowing others to accept each other in their moments of reflection and celebration, so that a single room can be filled with enough energy to power the change we will bring. That is mainly why I love DCON. 

  • Alvin Vo


    UC San Diego -4th Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: Marble Taro

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    I love DCON because it is one of the most memorable district events I have ever experienced. I love the spirit, the workshops, the talent acts, and basically everything from the beginning to the end. What I love the most about DCON is the attendance of general members, they are the main reason the motivation of service continues to be stronger and stronger every year and they definitely deserve as much recognition as every board member from the club, division, district, and beyond. Also, cause I want to make sure y'all register as smoothly as possible! :D

  • Bella Nguyen


    UC San Diego - 2nd Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: Strawberry Croissant

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    DCON is the perfect icing on the cake for yet another amazing year of Service, Leadership and Fellowship. I thoroughly enjoyed everything that was offered at my first CNH CKI DCON, and I was able to take away a lot from the three days' worth of activities. DCON inspired me to do more with this organization, and that's why I love it!

  • Sienna Serrano

    Talent Show

    UC Irvine - 3rd Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: Sweet Potato Empanada

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    I love the spirit our district has to share together to celebrate a year of accomplishments!

  • Earl Grospe

    VIP Host

    UC Davis - 3rd Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: Anything Chocolate

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    It's THE time and place for CNH to celebrate the past year and welcome the new one!

  • Maggie Chen


    UC Davis - 3rd Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: Chocolate Croissants

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    I love DCON because it's one of the few events were everyone comes together. You get to see your old friends and make new ones as well!! :) 

  • Michelle Don


    UCLA - 3rd Year
    Favorite Thing To Get at The Bakery: Chinese egg tart

    Why Do You Love DCON?:
    I love DCON because of all the feels that it gives me. There will be some moments during year that get extremely stressful, but when you just take a moment to look around at all of your club members and their smiles at DCON, you remember how great Circle K and being at DCON just emphasizes that feel. 



Registration for District Convention 2016 is officially closed. If you have any questions, email our registration chair, Alvin Vo, at dcon.register@gmail.com or our District Convention Chair, Philip Nguyen, at dcon@cnhcirclek.org

DCON 2016 Dress Code & Packing List 



Convention Registration
          >Convention Registration Guide
          >Registration Document
Hotel Registration
          >Credit Card Authorization
          >Hotel Registration Document
SAA Registration Link 
          >SAA Registration Guide
Code of Conduct

Note: After completing online registration, make sure to send a copy of your completed registration, your payment in the form of a check, and ALL code of conducts and waivers to Bruce Hennings at the Kiwanis District Office. You MUST send in all of these (including the code of conduct and waivers) to be completely registered.



Convention Registration Guide (Located on Page 13)


Registration Due Dates & Costs:
  • Early Registration is due by February 5th at $131 per attendee.
  • Regular Registration is due by February 12th at $171 per attendee.
  • Hotel Registration is due by February 12th at $143.57 per room per night (includes tax) for quad-occupancy.
  • NOTE: All dates are RECEIVED BY dates.
  • Cancellations for DCON registration, hotel registration, and any swaps are due by February 19th.
  • Please note that convention and hotel registration are SEPARATE.
  • There is only ONE designated person from your club that should handle registration. Each club should only send in one total registration together.



Check out the schedule of events and the activities that will be happening around convention to make sure you don't miss out on these fun and life-changing opportunities!

Schedule of Events 



Whether it's how to be a good member or how to survive a zombie apocalypse, this year's workshops will make sure you come out of convention with something new and fun to incorporate into your life, inside and outside of Circle K. Check out these workshops hosted by our own members (even members from HAWAII) and our favorite KIwanians. You don't want to miss out on these great learning opportunities!

Workshops Matrix

Workshop Descriptions


SATURDAY NIGHT talent show

There'll be a plethora of talented individuals at the grand opening of our bakery! Get ready to be amazed by hilarious and heartwarming skits, dances that will leave you stunned, and singers that will really send the chills down your spines. You may be watching the next freshly-baked talent perform right before your eyes!



After the talent show, roll out with the squad to dance the night away in the ballroom! Our DJ, Nathan Magtoto from UCI, will be dropping some sick beats and the latest jamsthat will surely have you getting down all night long.



After you tire yourself out at the dance, why not grab your friends, new and old, and stop by the photobooth to take a picture that will last forever? This year, we're excited to have not only one, but TWO, photobooths for you to take pictures at. The first one will give you actual PHOTOSTRIPS to take home and the second one will have a personal convention backdrop and give you online photos so take as many as you want! Put on Sherlock Holmes' hat or pop the magnifying glass on for this photo op!


SATURDAY NIGHT board games

If dancing isn't really your thing, swing by the alternative activities rooms where we'll have board games, a couple of PS4s, a photobooth, and much more so you can chill and bond with other members from all over the district. It'll definitely be the place to wipe off your sweat from the dance or hang out with your peeps Saturday night!


SATURDAY NIGHT md&e, kfam extravaganza

MD&E Sign Ups 

KFam Sign Ups

It's been a long and very eventful year of service, leadership, and fellowship! Looking for innovative and fun events that encompass all those things to use for next year? Check out the MD&E, and K-Fam extravaganza to see clubs from all around the district showcase their best events involving these branches of Circle K from this year! Get inspired by the creativity and hard work of our clubs and who knows? Maybe that will be you showing off your event at next year's convention!


SATURDAY NIGHT on-site fundraiser

You may have heard about the crazy penny wars at Fall Training Conference...but this year's District Convention on-site fundraiser may get even crazier!  While we can't reveal our top-secret news about the fundraiser just yet, keep a look out for a clue or two and stop by the ballroom foyer at convention to participate and help our district raise money for our District Fundraising Initiatives!



Whether it be as a workshop host, SAA, talent act, or being featured in the program or slideshow, DCON has a wide array of ways you can get more involved. It doesn't take an ace detective to see just how many opportunities we have for you! The due dates are listed next to the application and all applications are due at 11:59PM on the listed date.

Workshop Host Application is due: Sunday, January 10th (Workshop Descriptions)
Program/Slideshows Ad Form is due: Sunday, January 10th
Talent Show Application
 is due: Sunday, January 31st
SAA/Sergeant At Arms Form (Guide) is due: Sunday, February 21st 
Slideshow Photo Submissions  is due: Wednesday, March 9th
Media Crew application is due: Sunday, March 6th 


MD&E Extravaganza 

KFam Extravaganza

Delegate Certification Form  

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to contact me at dcon@cnhcirclek.org. We look forward to seeing your wonderful applications!